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Tree Babies and Tots

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Tree Babies is a project supporting the mental health and wellbeing of parents and carers who have babies and young children.


Using nature, we aim to give adults the space to slow down, reflect and think about their own needs. Something that is often missed when a new baby joins the family.


The sessions are as far a possible based outside, they are non judgemental and welcoming, 


Play in the mud, make some nature art, practice some breathing, stretch our muscles, notice the shadows. So much to see, learn and feel in the outdoors.


Don your wellies and raincoat and come and join us.

Fridays- Hull Street Life Museum 10:00-11:30


What does a Tree Babies session look like?

Tree Babies is about ‘being’ and 'experiencing' however this works for you. The sessions are in the main, unstructured although we will have set up various nature 'experiences for you to enjoy yourself or with your child. We will check in with everyone through the session - by this we mean ensure we acknowledge you, have a chat and make sure you have a drink and what you need to be comfortable. 


There is no pressure, you can join in as much or as little as you choose

Everyone is given a journal at the start of their Tree Babies journey and  you are encouraged to take some time during the session to just stop and reflect. This is designed to help you focus mindfully on your surroundings, make your own notes and scribbles and 'just be' with no expectation. The journals are yours to keep and you will not be asked to share anything in them.

Sessions are open currently from 10.00am until 11.30am and you are welcome to arrive and leave at any time. We recognise that with little ones just getting out of the door can be a challenge so there is no pressure to arrive at a set time. 

Whatever time you join us there is always a cup of tea or coffee available for you and we try to provide some fruit and snacks for you each week. If  you want to share them with your children that absolutely fine.  


It’s a full hour and a half of time for you to relax, reconnect, feel and refocus along side others who ‘get it’.

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