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Why Phoenix?

Phoenix and me.

I have always loved the mythical story of the Phoenix.  A bird that lives for up to 500 years, who’s tears can heal. A bird with beautiful plumage, who is only ever the only one of its time. When it is getting ready to regenerate, it prepares its nest & bursts into flames, inviting a new phoenix to rise from the ashes.

What has that got to do with Phoenix Wellbeing and everything we offer ?

Imagery really helps me understand things. For me the phoenix represents autonomy, and brightness, something I believe we all have given the right conditions. Its tears heal, just as ours do, although we often don’t realise. Tears can be the words we cant say but need to let go of.  And the regeneration – we all reach points in our lives where we need to take special care of ourselves, ‘prepare our nest’ and start all over again.  And there isn’t an end … we learn, we maybe lose some feathers and energy but in time we will find what we need to regenerate and become something new or different.


Life isn’t one straight line, it has ups and down, at times it turns us completely upside down and inside out, sometimes it is boring and mundane.  Change is the only constant, yet this is something which many struggle to understand and manage. 

I am Louise.

So this is me, I am Louise.  I will not profess to have all the answers, to change your life or to be permanently happy because that’s just not true.  I am real, I have life experiences as we all do, I have had good times and bad times, I have learnt lessons, made good and bad choices and worked with a whole heap of people who have helped me keep perspective on life and what its all about for the last 25 years.


I am a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister ….. and so the list of hats goes on.  Primarily and most important I am me …. It has taken me over 40 years to say that!


My experiences in life and work have been like an array of them mindfulness colouring pages that some days you find calming and others days just so frustrating you want to tear the page to shreds!


Having worked as a Social Worker  and a Counsellor in family services, drug services, and both adult and children’s mental health services, I decided to take up my huge tool bag of skills and experiences and offer them to you directly from me.  I have indeed reached a point of regeneration and this time I came out of it with Phoenix Wellbeing.

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