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What people say.

(*Children's names protected for safeguarding purposes)

"The support you have provided for ***** and ***** has been amazing, I can honestly say in such a short period you have transformed *****, she has gone from finding each day a challenge to talking to me about her worries and actually taking part in things she would have found challenging."


"The school have commented on the change in ***** and it's so lovely to see her shine and be happy. I would recommend you to anyone whose child is struggling as you really are amazing and I'm so pleased I found you and your session."


"*****   looks forward to it every week and I have seen his confidence and self belief grow week by week. Louise is amazing at letting them all shine in their own ways, she allows them to embrace and inspires them to be exactly who they are, I would recommend Relax Kids to any parent who thinks their son/daughter may benefit from it. 5*!"


"Louise delivers fantastic sessions via zoom which my niece absolutely loves. She says they help her a lot and they are good fun too. Cant recommend enough"


"Great session with Louise. Learnt some fab techniques to de-stress. Louise was really warm, welcoming and confident in what she does. Would highly recommend her Zoom Relax Sessions for adults and shall look at booking my daughter onto the Kids Relax Session."


"Just want to say a massive thank you for last night. Everyone who came really appreciated it."

"Relax Kids has done wonders for *****. He has issues with self-confidence and anxiety, and the classes with you have definitely helped him to change his mindset and believe in himself more.

For example he comes home from school now and said he puts his hand up in class now which he never would have before in fear of the answer being wrong. He is also braver and will say if he doesn’t agree with something or he doesn’t want to do something, whereas before he was very much willing to go along with the crowd out of ease or not wanting to say he wasn’t happy.

""Overall ***** has thrived and will continue to participate in your classes in the future. Thank you for bringing Relax kids into our lives."


"I am so glad I went to Louise for my therapy. She took me seriously and was never patronising or demeaning - something which I have experienced previously and also tend to be paranoid about being a teenager seeking therapy.  I never once felt uncomfortable or judged, I could speak freely.  I could not recommend Louise enough."

"Tree Babies is a really wonderful relaxing group. It really helped me calm myself in a world full of mummy guilt and pressure. Louise especially is a very kind person who clearly has a wealth of experience in her field."

"I love connecting with nature and the weekly reminder that I'm not alone.  In society where we have forgotten 'it takes a village', it's lovely to find a group so supportive and welcoming."


"Tree Babies is the only baby or parent group I've been a part of that I don't feel judged.  I feel comfortable to be completely myself without feeling I'm being defined for the choices I make as a mum."

"The response from the children and staff has been great. We've loved having you in school and hope that we can work with you again soon" Dept. Head

From 1:1 counselling sessions for pupils, whole group sessions or support for staff members. Louise's personal and tailored approach ensures that we can reach a wide variety of complex mental health needs with the extra support. 

The impact that Louise has on our pupils mental health and wellbeing is profound. Louise always endeavours to make positive and meaningful relationships with pupils, ensuring that pupils feel safe and listened to

The children in my KS3 SEND class always look forward to our session with Louise because every session is an incredible and unique combination of SEMH support/development, creativity, fun and multi-sensory surprise.  Louise utilises her extensive knowledge to inform every session, and to ensure each child is seen individually and holistically.  Teaching staff benefit too, as you might imagine!

In short, Louise's sessions are worth their weight in platinum.

Your calm demeanour always supports the students feeling relaxed and allows them to talk openly about their feelings during sessions which you show an incredible understanding of. Not only are you observant but so likeable by staff and students alike. 

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If you feel as though we could help you, please get in touch or book one of our sessions. We can't wait to work with you.

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